Daria: I work with costumes in making a human installation. There is always an element of nature in it, like in a fairy tale. The outwear or the second skin on my characters, so to speak, is a dramatized persona or an image of the future… I think it is a merger…industrial evolution of our time merging with the natural eco system merging with fantasy characters. They are my fantasy. I would say it’s how I see the future. I really love nature and I incorporate it in the projects. Art is beautiful but what was created naturally is most beautiful. Everything from forests to insects inspires me… Humans look a lot like a natural world, but we have lost the understanding that we belong to the same eco system. All my characters are unique and they are exaggerated of fantasy, but they are real…Real performers, real people with their fantasies and their own inner world. I try to express this in photography and illustration. Although the things I find beautiful are often not traditional beauty…

After taking part in the artist-in-residence program in Bern (residency.ch), Daria Marchik, photographer from

Moscow, meets with Anna Fatyanova, initiator of the Bern-Moscow artist exchange project (artistaround.ch).

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